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No matter if you are looking for a comprehensive medical support, want to shop medications or get valuable information on conditions, diseases and treatment, this website can provide this and a lot more. Kelia Hoover, M.D., (Family medical care) offers a wide range of various medical services with the support of our Family pharmacy, where you can shop medications, if necessary. However, with the help of this website you can improve your health and prevent diseases by timely diagnostic procedures and effective prevention schemes.

What are Key Advantages of Our Store (Kelia Hoover, M.D.)?

We are different from similar family health centers in the way we find approach to each customer: the primary task we have is to improve the health, but also help people feel self-confident, secure and important to medical staff. You can get all these benefits and a lot more, if you visit us. We managed to create a trusted and convenient system of making appointments online: if our patients have any questions on services, preparation for a visit, contraindications of previously prescribed treatment – they are welcome to ask our consultants on the site or per phone.

Professional Qualification Of Our Doctors

  • Kelia Hoover, M.D. is the founder of the Hoover Medical. She is engaged in medicine for many 25 years. Dr. Hoover graduated from the Medical School at A.U.C. and got a degree at Family Medicine Memorial Hospital at Tallahassee. Being a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, she is perfectly aware of key issues and needs of American families, therefore the range of services and their quality match these needs and exceed expectations. Kelia Hoover is certified by the U.S. Board of Family Medicine and has worked at F.S.U. College of Medicine at the position of a Faculty and Clinical Professor (assistant). A couple of years ago she started collaboration with Family Mall that supplied prescribed medications of high quality and descent price. Among hospital affiliation, the following ones can be singled out: Baptist Hospital and South Miami Westchester Hospital.
  • Dr. Hoover managed to build a team of qualified professionals: gynecologists, urologists, pediatricians, family doctors, skincare specialists and other medical staff to deliver easy-to-reach medical service to families living in Miami.

Where Can I Buy Prescribed Medications?

In addition to medical services, you can obtain medications at the best prices thanks to our partners at Happy family store. They offer a wide range of medications, including antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal drugs, treatments for erectile dysfunction, women’s health medications, birth control pills, remedies for anxiety and sleep disorders, herbal supplements, and much more. You can place your order online and get it delivered to your door. The package is secured: no sensitive information is specified on it. Well-designed logistics helps them deliver fresh and properly stored drugs to your place as soon as possible. At our and their website you can find relevant industry news on: innovative treatment methods, newly developed medications and new versions of them, updated information on drug interactions and side effects, valuable tips on where to get prescription and what medications may be covered by insurance.

Customers want to have a convenient opportunity to shop for popular medications online, to compare their prices and check availability in a few clicks. Our partners provide all this by selling available generic medications from trusted pharmacological companies worldwide. Why generics? The thing is they are up to 3-4 times more affordable, they have successfully undergone the same clinical trials and prove efficacy and safety. In case some of the medications in the treatment plan are not covered by insurance, it would be reasonable to find generic analogues instead of popular branded drugs with inflated prices.

Why Family Pharmacy Is The Top Choice For Families?

Why Hoover Medical is the top choice for families

The set of services offered is created for your family to spend minimum time on maximum efficacy. Remember, prevention is a lot cheaper than treatment, therefore timely doctor consultation for the entire family at least once every 6 months is a great opportunity too keep healthy and happy for many ages.

The qualification of urologists, gynecologists, GPs and pediatricians at our center is proven by multiple diplomas, certificates and degrees. If you are looking for an awesome family healthcare center, call us to book an appointment.

Family Health&Care Medical Service and Dr. Kelia Hoover created your No.1 health assistant clinic for a whole family treatment and life quality improvement. You can order medical services or medications from our partners online, in a few clicks. Convenient online consultation and FAQ, welcoming bonuses and special offers are distinctive features of our medical company. If after reading this, you have questions left – don’t hesitate and contact our 24/7 medical staff for advice. Our site manages are educated in the field of medicine and can provide you with valuable tips on appointments and specify details of prescribed treatment or drugs you take after visiting our doctors.

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